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  • TDS SIS440 Caulk


    SIS440 was strictly developed by TDS for teak deck seams. It is a well tested and proven product in hot or cold climates and needs NO PRIMER. A one-part silane polymer that forms a solid rubber compound, it is better than the polysulfides, polyurethanes and MS polymers. It has the highest rating resistance to UV, excellent resistance to chemicals and excellent temperature stability.

  • ECO 100 Cleaner


    “The ONLY U.S. EPA recognized teak cleaner!”

    ECO-100 Teak Cleaner Powder is a NEW high performance, concentrated teak cleaner. Even though ECO-100 Teak Cleaner Powder contains no acid, caustic sodas and phosphates, it is a very powerful and effective cleaner that cleans and brightens without removing the soft fibers of your teak. It mixes easily in water and is designed to not harm your teak, caulking, hardware or paint. Teakdecking Systems

  • ECO 300 Cleaner


    ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid has been formulated to be 100% environmentally-friendly and represents the most advanced teak cleaning liquid in the marine industry today. It contains no acid, caustic sodas or phosphates and is non-toxic to the user. ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid is designed to not harm your teak, caulking, hardware or paint. It is a NEW ready-to-use cleaner that cleans and brightens teak better than harsh chemical cleaners, restoring its original golden color. All ingredients are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation and meet requirements for a truly “green” teak cleaner liquid.

  • TDS FFE200 Fitting and Fairing Epoxy


    FFE-200 Fairing & Bonding Epoxy is a medium viscosity epoxy fairing/bonding compound blended to yield a light weight, flexible and easily sanded system for use as both a fairing compound for uneven surfaces and in bonding of teak decks to faired surfaces.

  • TDS FE180A Bonding Epoxy


    FE-180A Bonding Epoxy is a flexible epoxy, formulated to achieve maximum bond strength between teak and most common marine structural materials such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Its primary purpose is to achieve a high strength bond to less-than-perfectly–prepared substrates.

  • Reefing Hook


    Removes caulk or other flexible materials from seams

    This tool is for removing caulk or other sealants from a seam. A razor knife should be used to free the caulk from the sides of the seam. The reefing hook will remove most of the caulking, leaving minimal material for final hand sanding – with the TDS Seam Sander.

  • TDS Seam Sander


    Sands seam sides before caulking seams.

    Designed for vertical sanding of the sides of seams to remove old material before re-caulking, the TDS Seam Sander ensures the best possible preparation for new caulk to bond to the teak. Use it to remove final residue of caulking, leaving a totally clean surface for the new caulk to bond to

  • TDS Sanding Strips


    Replacement Sanding Strips

  • Caulk Removal Blade


    Caulk Removal Blade 4mm

  • CNC 5mm endmill


    End mill CNC upcut 5mm

  • Dust shroud 180mm


    Dust shroud sander 180mm

  • Bending Jig


    Bending jig and track head

  • Repair Jig


    Repair jig set

  • Routing Jig


    Routing jig in 1050mm and 1880mm


  • Fillet Weld Sander

  • Nylon Caulk Disk


    Nylon Caulk removal disk

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