Repairing teak boat decks supplies a range of bespoke tools manufactured by True North Marine Pte Ltd in Singapore and Teakdecking Systems in the USA to assist in the safe, speedy and successful repair of teak decks.

Many teak decks are constructed using a rebate system where the teak planks are pushed together and the caulk seam is half the depth of the teak.  This means that once the teak deck has been sanded a few times the seam disappears. Regrooving means that the life expectancy of your teak deck is almost doubled. We have pioneered exclusive tooling systems that can cut through the teak to create a new seam which can be recaulked with Teakdecking Systems SIS440 caulk.  This is an affordable and quick alternative to replacing the whole teak deck.

Here are some examples of how great a teak deck looks using this method.

This is an image of a teak deck under repair.  Failing caulk is being removed and the seams are being routed to increase the depth from 2 mm to 7 mm.

Regrooving a teak deck
Recaulking a deck

Teakdecking Systems SIS440 is applied next before the deck is sanded up to look as good as new.

Repaired teak deck