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Any professional teak deck worker or boat owner with a teak deck should have one of these repair jigs. It has taken us years to perfect this beautiful combination of adjustable jigs and teak plugs.

The 8 piece set incorporates a teak panel which presents 47 removable teak plugs.

The master Jig is positioned over the damages section of the deck / seam and you incorporate the appropriate sized jig to remove the damaged section with the inbuilt 5mm CNC end mill and your router. Each master jig has a series of adaptor shims which will allow you to use most router available on the market today. Once a size is selected you simply place the appropriate sized jig track into the master jig and proceed to route away the offending section. You then simply replace the lost material with the new teak plug and allow adhesive to dry. You then select the straight line jig insert to clean the seam to perfection if required.

Simply sand the job by hand and you’ve got a professional finish.

Plug sizes: range from 5mm – 17mm wide and a maximum of 120mm long.